Fantastic Mr. Fox

My blog entry is about the book Fantastic Mr. Fox by the author Roald Dahl.

This week the book is about the three farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. They are outside Mr. Foxs hole. The farmers are wating to him becus they will shoot Mr. Fox, so hi can ‘t stole more turkey, a plump chicken, a duck or a goose from Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The family and Mr. Fox are inside the hole and they can ‘t go out, if they don ‘t want to die. The family are hungry, tired and scared but Mr. Fox has a plan.

5 svar på ”Fantastic Mr. Fox”

  1. Elsa, I can tell that you understand your book well! What do you think about the book so far? What would you do if you were Mr Fox?

  2. I think the book (fantastic Mr Fox) is good and I want to read more of Roald Dahl. Do you like to read what Roald Dhal has written? Which are your favorite books of Roald Dahl? I don ‘t know what I would do if I were Mr Fox. From the beginning, I would never stolen and then I would never ended into it situation.

    1. Yes, I really like all the of Roald Dahls books but my favourite is BFG (Big friendly giant). I laughed so much when I read that to my class last year and I am looking forward to the movie. Do you want to go and see it?

      I also think it’s wrong to steal. What do you think Mr Fox could have done instead?


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