Fantasric Mr. Fox Sofia

Mr. Fox used to steal from the three farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. A few days later they shot him so he lost his tale. A short time after they tried to demolish his home and then cloud not Mr. Fox go out.  Mr. Fox and his famely was hungry because they dont had any food. But then Mr. Fox got a idea. He and his kids starded digging a tunell. The tunnel reached to the farmers houses so Mr. Fox took of course the food and said to his kids to run home whit the food. Mr. Fox met his friend Badger and they proceeded to take food although it was dangerous. Finally run they home whit the food. At home of Mr. Fox was full whit animals because Mrs. Fox had invited all the animals that live there. In the evening they partied and ate a lot of food.

I like the book because it’s funny and a littel bit exciting. I like funny books and everything that is exciting, I love.

Sofia 5a


3 svar på ”Fantasric Mr. Fox Sofia”

  1. I’m glad you like the book Sofia! I can tell you have understood the book and everything that happens in it.

    What do you think of Mr Fox? Do you think it’s right of him to steal? Why? Why not?

    What do you think of the book?

    1. I think it’s dont right of him to steal. They dont have food but it’s bad to steal. I like the book because it’s funny.


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