George’s Marvellous Medicine Tomasine 5a

George’s Marvellous Medecine it’s written by Roald Dal.

The book it’s about a boy named George. George live in a house with his mother, father and grandma. The grandma is a nasty old womand and she is not so fresh because she eats buggs. Grandma is verry unpleasant to George and when the parents isnt home make George a marvellous medicine. He wants to blow her up. First he started with bathroom and took a lot of things from there. A short time after he go to his mother dressing-table and took sam other things. George went around and picked at things from the hole house. After one hours he go to grandma with the medecine. But Grandma dont blow up instead she start to growing. She grow so high that her head make a hole in the roof. When George parents come home became George dad so exited because George had also make a hen to grow verry big. Then the dad take the medicine and fed the other animals. But when it not have some medicine left they try to make more. But it never became right. So the last time grandma took it and then she disappeared.

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  1. That’s a very good summary Tonasine! I can tell you understood the book!
    What did you think about? Is it a book you would recommend to another friend?
    Why do you think Roald Dahl writes a book like this?


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