George´s Marvellous Medicine Luna 5A

Author: Roald Dahl

What is the book about:
It is about George making medicine to his ugly grandma.

Who are the main characters and what are the like:
The main character is George and hi have some mischief in his hed but over that hi is nice and help full.

What do they do:
 George is making his `marvellous medicine´ with ugly ingrediens.

Is there any problems:
Yes. It is grandma. Thats in the way.

The book is about a little boy and his name is George. And his grandma was using him as a slave for her. The she was treating him as her slave. Hi did need to take care of her. And hi wants to blow up his grandma. But is not going the way hi wants. His fadder finds out and wants more of Georges medicine. George wants his grandma to disappear because she liked to eat bugs. Grandma  finally disappeared and then they lived happy ever after.

3 svar på ”George´s Marvellous Medicine Luna 5A”

  1. Maybe it was for the best that grandma disappeard? Or what do you think? What did you think about the ending?

    Can you describe grandma? What is she like? Why do you think she is the way she is?

  2. Yes it was best that grandma disappeared because she was mean to George and she was not that healthy. So I wonder how she survived being so unhealthy. She was mean, unhealthy and she did´t leave the house for 20 years. I don´t know how she got in the mood that she is.


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