Reading The Twits – Mauritz

A am reading the book The Twits and the auther of the book is Roald Dahl. The book is about two people who are pranking eachother all the time. The main characters in this book are Mr Twit and Mrs Twit. Mr Twit have a hairy face and long beard whit food in it and he loves to prank Mrs Twit. Mrs has long matted hair and she is smart and prank back Mr Twits one prank when they have pranking eatch other in this book are worms in spageti. frog in bed and eye in beer. In the start of the book are Mr and Mrs Twit always just pranking eatch other. And in the end of the book on the bird pay day he was put out glue on the dead old three ther the bird landing every time. But the monkys was trying to stop the bird but the bird dident understand what the monkys was skreaming to them. But one day so came it a african bird and the monkys was teling to the bird that Mr Twit have put glue on the dead old three and son when the birds came so was the african bird skreaming out to every birds that Mr Twit have put glue on the tree so the birds was landing on the







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