The Magic Finger – Freja

I am reading the book ”The magic finger” by author Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl with the magic finger. She has two friends with the name Philp and William. The girl go to the school and mrs Winter said ‘Stand up, and spell cat.’ She said wrong and Mrs Winter said ‘You are a stupid little girl.’ Then put she her magic finger to Mrs Winter. So she became a cat. In the afternoon she saw the Gregg family shoot the wild ducks. So then she put the magic finger to them for at them shoot the wild ducks. When Mr Gregg woke in the morning he was very small and have the duck wings. All in the Gregg family has that. Them flew out through window. Them  built one nest in the tree because to them must have somewhere to sleep. The next day Mrs Gregg viewed over the nestedge. Ther saw she four enorm ducks whid tree of them have the guns. Them promised at them never, never again would shoot ducks again and no other living creatures. Finally them would instead be them friends.

2 svar på ”The Magic Finger – Freja”

  1. That is a very good summary Freja! Well done! I can tell you have understood what we have been reading.
    Why do you think the ducks wanted to shoot the Gregg family?
    What did you think of the book?
    Would you recommend it to a friend? Why? Why not?


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