The Magic Finger Jonte

I’m reading the book ”The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl with a magic finger and she have tow friend. Philip and William is hers friends, Philip and William has a mother and father. They called Gregg ‘s last name at the beginning of the book. Mr Gregg, Phillip and William like to hunt ducks. The girl with the magic finger put hers finger into hers teacher. The teacher get long black whiskers and a tail. Mr Gregg, Phillip and William shoot more ducks and the girl don’t like it. One day got the Gregg family wings and leave their house. Then the ducks took over their house. Few moments later builded the Gregg family a nest because they need something to slept in. After few days came the ducks into the nest with guns. The ducks said: You shot six of my children. The ducks don’t shot the Gregg family and the girl because Mr Gregg promised to take down all their guns. Finally the Gregg family of its wings and everything was back to normal.


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