The Magic Finger-Wille :-)

Im reading the book The Magic Finger”by the author Roald Dahl.

The book is about a girl with a magic finger and she has two friend like she put a spell at her friends and they got to ducks and theirs parents also got to ducks. And the real ducks spell to humans and the Egg family as to build a nest. And the day after so spell Egg family to normal and the Coopers shooting. Ducks when Mr Egg said i never shot any deer in my life.

I think the book was very booring and a littel bit fun.

2 svar på ”The Magic Finger-Wille :-)”

  1. Why did the girl put a magic finger on the Gregg family?
    Why did the Greggs have to build a nest?
    What did the ducks do when the became people?

    1. She put the finger on them becuse they shoot animals.

      The Greeg family have to build a nest,becuse they was spelld to bird and survive the night.

      When the ducks became people they live in The Greegs house.


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