The twits Ida 5A

The twits of Roald Dahl.

The book is about Mrs and Mr Twit. Mr Twit is very mean to Mrs Twit for example:               Mr Twit took wood pieces and put them on Mrs Twit walking stick and said to her that she has shrunk. Mrs Twit become very despondent and said to he that she can do anything to get longer. He took strings and ballons and was stuck the strings in the ground and the ballons up on her body so she stretching. And then Mr Twit cut the strings of so she fly up to the sky. Mr Twit has also added a frog in Mrs Twit bed so she screamed.

But Mr Twit is not only very mean to Mrs Twit, he is also very mean to kids, monkeys and birds. He hate kids. One time, he took hugtight and painting on the tree so the birds stuck in the glue and then, he took them and bake a bird pie of them. He love bird pie. Mr and Mrs twit has monkeys in a cage and are very mean to them. They give them food but they must eat upside down so it is very difficult.

3 svar på ”The twits Ida 5A”

  1. Ida, i can tell you understood the book. You have written a very informative summary!

    What did you think of the book and why?
    Would you recommend the book to a friend?
    Have you read any other of the Roald Dahl books?

  2. What are the Twits looks like?
    Is it only Mr Twit who is mean?
    Why do you think Mr Twit is mean to Mrs Twit?
    Do you like the book?


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