Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr.Fox – Luciano

Roald Dahl

The book I’ts about A fox called Mr.Fox and his family. Mr.Fox need to steal from a farm to get food to his family. On the farm there is three farmers who lives there. The three farmers names is Boggis Bounce and Bean. Boggies are a fat man who always eat chickens. He can eat 1000 chickens a day. Bounce are a man who was in love with doughnuts. But he was also eating goose-livers. He was a kind of a pot-bellied dwarf.
Bean was a tall skinny man. He never eat somthing he just drink gallons of strong cider.
The three farmers were also three horrible farmers. One fat, one short and one lean.
Mr.Fox has a wife called Mrs.Fox and he also had four chilldren.

One day when Mr.Fox was planning to steal from the farmers he get shooted at the tail and he lost it. Boggis Bounce and Bean started to hunt after Mr.Fox and his family.
But Mr.Fox got an Idea. He can dig faster than them. So they all started to dig. They had digged in a few days and then they found Boggis chicken house number one.
And they decided to eat the chickens. But they also decided to take a few chickens with them so they can share the food with the other animals. After that they continued to dig. They had also meeted an old friend to Mr.Fox called Badger. Later on that day they finded Bean’s secret cider cellar and the all foxes and badger drinked a lot of cider. Then they taked the cider and picked up the chickens and continued to go in the tunnels. At last they come to a big dining room with all the animals that lived there. And they all ate the food and laughed.


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