The Magic Finger – Felicia 5B

I´m reding a book the title from the book is The Magic Finger. lt´s about the girl  the magic finger. One day she put a spell on her teacher and suddenly she have a whisker and tail. Another time the girl  put the magic finger on the Gregg family because they shot ducks. And when they woke up in the morning them have wings. Them flow out from the windovs and see at the ducks have fingers and tack their house. The Gregg build a nest. On the morning they saw the ducks wos prepared to shoot them. Not shoot my kids Mr Gregg said. Youe shoot my kids now I shoot youe and your kids. I´ll never shoot a animols agen Mr Gregg said. And the Gregg family four be persens agen. Wnd they got home they fed the birds. The little girl sed a nother femily  shot the ducks she ran and turned them.



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