The magic finger

The Magic finger are about one girl. She have one magic finger and if she use the magic finger on one person the person be one chiken or one frog. The girl are like one girl and she have on magic finger and she have blue pants and one red sheritand and black shots. And she mom have a deres and she name are Mis.Gregg and she are kike one normel mom and she have a dad and he have pantz and a shirt and hes name are Mr.Gregg and she have two brothes and thes name are filip and william and the have pants and shitrs. Th edad and filip and william are hounting and the mom are coking and the girl are on school. The one problem of the gregg family the ded and filip and william are hounting and the girl not like it and she pick she magic finger on the gregg family and they no have arms the have wings and the dock have arms and not wings and the ducks will hounting the gregg family. Im think the book are good and not såv fantastisk.

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