Reading Roald Dahl

George is a boy and he is living in a big house with his grandma but she is not that nice like other grandmas. She has to take medecin pretty often like every day to not be to crazy.      So George goes around the house and search for diffrent stuff to make his own medecin to cure or pop grandma but grandma is saying weird stuff like, tall pepole are dumb, choclet make you grow the wrong way. up insted of down. , if i see a sluge or somthing on my lettuice i gobble it up before it crawls away. But that dosn,t stop George from trying to make the medecin. He put weird stuff in a sauce pan and made a medecin. The medecin was given to grandma and she started fly over the armchair. After a while she started growing and growning up in to the air. She started to poke out the roof and  then she stoped growing. Georges dad Mr Killy Kranky got a bit insane and gave the medecing to almost all the animals around. All the chickens, the horse, the pigs and even a goat. He ran out of medecin and dad wanted more to the animals so that the could get food for years of just one chicken but George forgotten some of all the hundreds of ingredients. They started looking for empity bottles of stuff and when they were done some ingredients didn,t make it in and so the second medecin was born. They tried it on a chicken and the chickens legs started growing about eight feets high. George added some more to the list his dad had whriten and off his dad went. and then the 3rd medecin was born and that medecin made a chickens neck grow eight feets. He added some more to the list and of his dad went again. When the fourth medecin was born it made a chicken grow to a baby sized chicken and the grandma was a bit angry becouse she had to sleep in the barn and didn’t even get a morning cup of tea she took the sauce pan and mom and George souted not to take the drugs but dad said that they just wanted to have the tea for them selves. She took everything in one clunk and she started shrink to a tiny human the size of a bacteria.

The end



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