Samanfatning Dante The Twits

The book is about Mr and Mrs Twits. Thay are two mean pursons that lived in a big, big hows witaute windows. Mr. Twit has a big but long beard  with tuns of food in it. Mrs. Twit had a big nose and a walking stick.

In the beginig of the book the oley thing that hapens is that they prank ehother but in my opinion it is fun, very fun. The funes prank was when Mr. Twit tied Mrs. Twit in about 100 balons with helium and then let her flew up in the air. First he took her walking stick an putt a litle pis more fore every day so Mrs. Twit thot that she were shrinking.

Every wensday Mr. Twit put sticky glue on the big ded tree so when the birds land on the tree Mrs. Twit make her awsom bird pie says Mr. Twit.

The pare have a case of mokeys becuse of that Mr. Twit had a whole upside down curkus with oliy monkeys befoure so he ceapt the monkeys. Most of the time the monkeys skreaming to the birds but they are from afrika so the birds don`t undrstand.

One day a bird came that was cald the Roly Poly Bird and he was from afrika. He understanded both of the languages and said to the birds to not land on the tree. When the Twits saw that they not are geting eny bird pie they ben angry and by guns.

So when thay whent to buy guns al of the mokeys and birds tur the house upside down. I mean that they mor of turn the furniture upsidedown so when the Twits gotet in to the house they thot they stand on the roof and started standing on there heads. after a wile they started shrink and shrink so mutch that tey nely not exist enymor.

The End


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