Summari of Fantastic mr fox

This book is abuot Mr fox and Boggis buns and Bean. Boggis like to eat chicken, Buns make dunts and Bean like o drink cider. Mr fox thief theres farmers food and the farmers will kill mr fox. so they digging under the grund to hope they can found Mr fox. But mr fox digging tunnels to there farmares house and theif the food. Later Mr fox found Badger and Badger help him to take food. One day mr fox and Badger found Beans cider celler. When thay take the cider come a woman which was close to finding them. Late they come home and eating food with many animals when Boggis, Bunce and Bean sitting and wating.

 I like the book becuse that book is funny and Roald Dahl describes in a good way


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