George’s Marvellous Medecine Sandor

I read the book George’s marvellous medecine. In the begining George takes care of his grandma. He has to give her her medecine at certain times. But she is really gross, annoying and mean. So George starts thinking, he wants to make her nicer and less mean. He makes his first marvellous medecine. He puts a lot of stuff in his medecine, things like animal pills, shoe polish and many other things. George makes his medecine the colour of the medecine his grandma normaly takes and thats brown. George gives his grandma the medecine she thinks is the normal one. She drinks it and notices that it tastes weird then she suddenly starts to grow. She grows and grows trhough the roof and there she has to stay for a little while. They get grandma our of the roof using a crane. She was so tall she had to sleep in the hay barn. George’s father notices what the medecine does and wants to make more. Grandma says she is starving and wants breakfast she sees george holding a cup with something in it and thinks it is tea. He doesen’t want to give her it because it wasn’t tea but she takes it and drinks it. Grandma started to get smaller and smaller at last she gets so small she dissapears. That was the last thing that happend and everyone in George’s family was happy because grandma was gone.


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