Roald Dahl – Georges marvellous medicine summary

Georges marvellous medicine is about a young boy named George that lived with his parents and grandma in a house. One day, Georges parents needed to go to the store and buy some stuff, so George and his grandma was home alone. Georges grandma is always rude to George when she is alone with him, but when Georges parents are home, she is a normal grandma. George is tired on that his grandma is so rude so he dicides to make a medicine. The medicine was going to be the marvellous medicine. He puts in almost everything he finds nasty or inedible, like hairspray, schampoo, shaving soap, face cream, toothpaste, nail varnish and animal pills. When its eleven o´clock, he gave his grandma the medicine she deserves. When she got the medicine, she began to grow in the wrong way ( Aka up). When Georges parents came home and saw it, Mr Kranky ( Georges dad) wanted to re-make the medicine. he didnt just tried once or twice, he tried until he got it. The hen he gave it to did grow taller, and bigger. In the end Georges grandma disappeared. I think the book was kinda good, not my favourite, but if you want a crazy, funny book i can recommend this book.

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