Sammanfattning Roald dahl- Mr. fox

Author: Roald Dahl

The book is about about a fox and his family. It is three farmers and they drunk cider, eat dounats and turkeys. Mr is need to steal chikens to his family. The farmers are going to be mad so they want to kill them. The farmer start to digging for them, so mr. fox he start digging to with his family and they digging down in the ground so the farmers can`t find them when mr fox is verry long down in the ground. Mr fox meated a badger, his name is Badger. Badger help them from to be not killed. Mr fox and badger digging and find a  big wall under the ground and they want to smash the beacuse they to see wat`s inside the wall. When they are done to smash the wall they found a cider cellar. They took so manny ciders an took them to Mr fox house. Then they have a party with all the animals.


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