The Twits – Roald Dahl – Fatimah

The Twits:                                                                                                                                I read the book called ’The Twits’. I think that it is a very funny and a weird book. It is about a couple that lives together and are married but don’t have chilldren. They don’t like each other. All started whith one prank. The first prank was of ’Mrs.Twit. She putted a fake eye in his glass of bear. Then he wanted to do revenge. And so on as untill the day camed. Mr.Twit was going to put sticky glue on the tree so the birds would get stuck on the tree. He does the same thing evry wendsday, evry wendsday is ’birdpie day’. And evry time they saw birds that was going to sit on the tree they screamd and yelled. But the birds did’nt understan the monkeys becuse the birds speakt african. Ond day IT came a bird that’s called the rolley Poly bird. He could spek the bouth languages. So he could warn the birds to not go and sit on the tree. And when Mr. Twit realized that it was no bird pie for a few weeks he and Mrs.Twit got angry and went to the gunbuyer to buy Some Guns to kill them the monkeys and the birds putted evrything in the house upside down so it looked like the house was upside down.


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