Georg´s Marvellous Medicine Roald Dahl

George`s Marvellous  Medicine is about a boy that home alone with his granma, because Georges parents are in the city and buy food. The main characters are George and granma. Granma is very discusting and very mean, especially to George. George is a boy that makes a medicin to make granma disappear. He goes around in the house and takes everything hi sees and put it into a big saucepan then he boil it all upp and put all the medicine in a medicine bottle. After a while he gave the medicine to granma. She grow taller and taller and she grow bigger then the house. When George´ parents came home they wanted to make more medicine so the Animal could be big. After they made the medicine and gave it to the animals granma take the medicine and drinked it up but she don´t grow taller she dicipered.


i think the book is funny and weard

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