Epesode 7 – Asia Dante

  1   With continent are Asia from?


  2   Was the contry a British Colony befoure?

          True                              Fales


   3   What type of language are thay talking insted of Engelish?


   4   What type of religion hav Asia?


5   What is the Capitele of of the contery?


6   What is the name of the second higest monten in the world?


7   What sport is Asias favourite?

            A. Football       B. Cricket    

            C. Amerikanfootball      D. Basketball

    8   With contery are Asia from?                                   Av: Dante 5B 1/6-2016

4 svar på ”Epesode 7 – Asia Dante”

  1. 1. She is from Asia
    2. true
    3. They also speak Urtu
    4. She is muslim
    5. The capital is Islamabad
    6. It’s called Kato
    7. B
    8. Asia is from Pakistan


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