Episode 7-Asia

  1. What is the name of the continent?
  2. Why do many of them speak english?
  3. What other language do they speak?
  4. Are many of people in the country christians, true or false?
  5. Why was Asia afraid a couple of years ago?
  6. What is her favorite sport that are very popular in Asias country?
  7. What’s the name of the country?

2 svar på ”Episode 7-Asia”

  1. 1. Asia
    2. Because it was a british colony for long time ago.
    3. Urdu
    4. False
    5. A earthquake
    6. Cricket
    7. Pakistan


  2. 1. The name of the continent is Asia.
    2. Because the country for a long time were a British colony.
    3. They also speak Urdu.
    4. False
    5. She has experienced an earthquake.
    6. Asia ’s favorite sport is Cricket.
    7. The name of the country in Pakistan.


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