The Twits Roald Dahl

The book The Twits is about Mr. and Mrs. Twit doing nasty things to each other. Mr Twit la frogs in Mrs Twits bed. Mrs Twit had a good surprise and then she wanted revenge on. Mrs Twit la worms in Mr Twits spaghetti.

Then Mr Twit will revenge on her. He take her walking stick and do it longer so that Mrs Twit think she is shorter. Mr Twit said she must strechas out. He put balons on her hed. He put more and more balons and then i took a knife and cut the ropes that held her to the ground. She fly up to the sky and then she falls down on Mr twit. He be andgry and she be happy.

They also have a monkey farm. They said the monkeys most be uppside-dawn everytime. Mr Twit think I will have a uppside-down circus.

On every Wednesday they have a bird-pie day. They eat bird-pie. Mr Twit catch the birds and Mrs Twit fixed the pie. Mr Twit have a special way to catch. He put sticki glue on the tree that the birds always sitting on. The day after Mr twit have put sticki glue on the tree he go there and look if it was some birds there. when he came there i saw boys sit on the tree. He be så angry and cried on them.

Next day i trai agien. But the monkys was trying to stop the bird but the bird dident understand what the monkys was skreaming to them. But one day so came it a african bird and the monkys was teling to the bird that Mr Twit have put glue on the dead old three and son when the birds came so was the african bird skreaming out to every birds that Mr Twit have put glue on the tree so the birds was landing on the.

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