The Twits – Roald Dahl

The Twits:

The Twits is an old couple that doing mean tricks to each other. Mr Twit has a big disgusting beard whith everything in it.

The book is about one married couple that do some disgusting prank to each other. They had monkeys in the garden and sometimes they did some birdpie. One day Mr Twit said to the monkeys that they most be upside down  until he came back. The monkeys did it. At last the fall apart now they wanted revenge. When Mr and Mrs Twit fall asleep, the monkeys tried to escape from the cage and they did it. The monkeys find the Roly-Poly bird and they did a revenge. The Roly-Poly bird collected all the birds. The monkeys, the birds and the Roly-Poly bird flew in to the Twits house and took some glue. They took some glue and smeared it on the ceiling. The took some furniture and put it on the glue and they did so with every furniture. Then the monkeys run to the cage and the birds flew up in the tree. Becouse the Twits waked up. When the Twits came to the living room they  thought they were upside down so they stood on there hands. At last they melted to sand.

The end

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