Episode 7-Asia

1.Why do they speak english in the country?

2. What was it Asia was so afraid of?

3. Where do it snow in this country?

4.What’s the name of the second higest mountain in the world?

5.What’s the most popular sport in this country?

6. What’s the name of the country?

Episode 13 – Tabitha

1 Which continent is the land in?

2. Is the land long away from the equator?

3. What does Tabithas cats name mean?

1. Love
2. Hope
3. Happines

4. What animal was under their sofa?

5. How old was he when he started to play piano?

6. What does Tabitha think about when he thinks about he’s country? Name two things!

7. Which country is Tabitha from?

Kasper my secret land

What instroment do he play.

What animals dus he have.

what animal vas onder de sofa.

what hapes if you dont flus the toilet

what continen is the land in.

Episode 7-Asia

What year did Asia’s country become independent?

What language do many people speak where Asia lives?

Are most people in Asia’s country Muslims? True or False.

What was the special thing that happend to Asia when she was in the capital?

Is the weather mostly warm in Asia’s home town?

What country’s border to Asia’s country?

What country does Asia come from?