Episode 13 – Tabitha

  1. Is the country smal or big?

2. Is it hot or cold in the country?

      3. How many fishes do Tabitha have?

      4. What did they find under the sofa?

      5. Which instument do Tabitha play?

      6. Do they have strikt rules?

      7. What county is he from?

My secret land Tabitha ep 13

True or false is the country close to the ecuator?


What is the name of the cat?


What reptiles do he/she likes?


What do She/he like to play?


What good food do she/he think of there country?


True or false is the country clean or not?


What country is she/he from?

Episode 15-Oliver

1 What animal does Olivers country have about 30 000 000 of?

2 What is the capital of Olivers land?

3 How many Oceans are Oliver country surrounded by?

4 What is Olivers favorite bird?

5 What is incredible with Olivers favorite bird?

6 What is Olivers dream?

7 What country does Oliver come from?