The Magic Finger – Emilia

I’m reding a book the title from the book is The Magic Finger. It’s about the girl with the magic finger. One day she put a spell on her teacher and suddenly she have whiskers and tail. Another time the girl put the magic finger on the Gregg family because they shot ducks. The girl dont like when they shot duck. When they woke up in the morning saw them they had wings and are little. They flew aut of the hause through the window. They bulit a nest on the topp of te tre. One morning the Gregg family saw them to the ducks wanted to shoot them. Mr Gregg said dont shoot my children. You shot six of my children say the dock. I never shot the duck say Mr Gregg. After that they be people again and they never shot the duck again.

Mr. Fox Hana

Author: Rohald dahl

The dook is adout a fox and his family. Mr.Fox steals food so his family doesent need to go hungry. One day the farmers who Mr.Fox steals from hunts Mr.Fox and his family. They diggs upp Mr.Fox hole and starves the fox family to death. But Mr.Fox gets a huge idea he knows where the farmes are even under the ground and steals food again so hes kids and wife don’t die.


George’s Marvellous Medicine

This book is about the kid called ”George” that have a weird old grandma called ”Grandma” these two are the main characters of the book. Grandma has weird eating habits and her mind is pretty messed up so she have to take this medicine that holds her mind not super messed up. And one day when George’s mother is going shopping and he’s dad’s on the field George wants to kill Grandma because she is scary, mean, gross, weird and she treats George as a slave. So he starts making he’s medicine that, when cooking, gives this smoke that effect’s people like a drug. Then he fed Grandma with it and she grew really tall. And when he’s wicked dad comes home from the fields he makes George feed the animals on the farm with it and then when he don’t have anymore medicine he starts making more but all medicine’s become’s misstakes. When they try to make the medicine number four they found out that medicine number four shrinks stuff instead of making ’em grow. Then Grandma thogt that the medicine number four was tea and drank it up. Then she shrank into atoms. After that George felt like something were missing and he felt like it probably would turn out for the best. But his dad was really happy about that they lost grandma.

reading-roald dahl Fantastic mr fox

This chapter the book is about when Mr fox, Badger and the small fox. Late they digging to beans storage house with cider. When they come thera was a rate as saw this is my place and you can not go in here. But Mr fox saw i am realy hungry and that scare the rat so the rat let they go in the cider house. Late went them and take the cider.

MR. Fox Adam

The fabtastic mr fox

Author: Roal Dahl

The book is about  a fox and his family. Mr fox steal food from three farmer. He steal cider, turkeus and chikens. The farmer want to kill Mr fox and his family beacuse they are mad beacuse they dont like when Mr fox steal the cider, chikens and cider. The start digging with a truck to catch his family and Mr fox, then Mr fox and his family heard that the farmer are going to digging to cath them. Mr fox start digging down in the ground. Then they meet a Badger and he help them to digging and protect them. When Mr fox and Badger digging under the ground they feeld a wall and then they smached the wall, and in the wall was it a cider cellar and they drunked so much cider. It was Rats in the cellar and they want the cellar.

Omar – The fantastic Mr.Fox – Sammanfatning

The author of the book: Roald Dahl.                                                                        The book I’ts about one fox and his name is Mr.Fox and he live with his family in a tree hole. Mr.Fox is stealing fod from the three farmers to get food to his family. On the farm there is three farmers who lives there. The three farmers names is Boggis Bounce and Bean. Boggies are a fat man who always eat chickens. He can eat 1000 chickens a day. Bounce are a man who was in love with doughnuts. But he was also eating goose-livers. He was a kind of a pot-bellied dwarf.Bean was a tall skinny man. He never eat somthing he just drink gallons of strong cider.The three farmers were also three horrible farmers. One fat, one short and one lean.Mr.Fox has a wife called Mrs.Fox and he also had four chilldren.One day when Mr.Fox was planning to steal from the farmers he get shooted at the tail and he lost it. Boggis Bounce and Bean started to hunt after Mr.Fox and his family. But Mr.Fox got an plan, he is digging faster than them. After a few days of digging they found Boggis chicken house number one. And they desided to eat the chickens. Then they continued with the digging. They met a old friend to Mr.Fox and his name is Badger. Later on that day they finded Bean’s secret cider cellar and all foxes also the small foxes and Badger drank a lot of cider. Then they all heard a giant sound and they all hide from a big womend called

Fantastic Mr Fox-Hana

I´m reading Fantastic Mr Fox by: Roald Dahl

The main characters is Mr Fox, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The book is about Three farmers and a Fox. The Fox steals food beacuse he has too or he and his family will starv to death. The farmers hates Mr Fox and wat to kill him and his family.

Mr Fox is nice beacuse he haunts food every day to his family soo they dont have too go hungry. Boggis is fat nasty and ets a lot of chicken.  Bunce is smal nasty and eats a lot of goos livers and doughnuts. Bean is lean nasty and is drinking just apple cider. The three farmer hunts Mr Fox beacuse he steals food from them. Mr Fox is hiding from them. I think the book is good beacuse its funny,exciting and a little sad beaccuse the farmers want too kill Mr Fox and his family.

Adam- Fantastic Mr.Fox

The author is: Roald dahl

The book is about one fox that he need to steal chikens,Turkeys and goos. One day the farmer get mad beacuse steal´ed a lot of chikens from them. The Farmer started to hunt after and his family. The charater is Boggie, Bunce, Bean, Mr.Fox, Mrs. Fox and Mr.Fox and Mrs.Fox’es childrens. Boggie likes to eat chickens and he eat 10000 chickens in one day. Bean likes to drunk sider. He drunk sider verry much. Bunce likes to eat dounats. He does dounats everyday and eat them. Mr.Fox is smart and cunning. The problem in the book is that Mr.Fox steal chickens from the farmers. I think this book is good so far.

Reading Roald Dahl

I’m reading George’s Marvellus Medicine and the authour is Roald Dahl.

The main caracters are George and his grandma and they are crazy and weard.

George is a nice little guy with blond haire and trying to help but grandma is to crazy.           The Grandma is saying that tall guys are stupid and weard and grandma is saying that chocolat is making pepole tall. George is taking all that he is finding in the house and putting all of it in a sauce pan. Then he cocked it all and gave a spoon to grandma.        She started to hover over the grond and was stuck there for a while and suddenly she landed on the ground and started growing tall as the house. Her head poked out the roof.

Newer: George gave his medecin to the animals and they bacame super big after that they almoste got cocked of the heat of the medecin. The medecin ran out and his father would like to make more medecin to the animals so they could become rich but George forgotten some ingredients so the potion only made a chickens legs grow long as 8 feet. He said that he needed some more stuff like hairgell and of his dad went.

Newer: Well. The real killer was Georges dad (Mr Killy Kranky). He tried to kill grandma and when grandma became so smal that it’s imposibole to see her he but Mr Kranky said -hurray!   That was horrifying. George made four medecins that made diffrent stuff.

  1. Made stuff much bigger.
  2. Made stuffs legs grow tall as 8 feets.
  3. Made stuffs neks grow 8 feets.
  4. Made stuff shrink to a tiny bacteria.


  • Then
  • After that
  • For a while
  • suddenly

Binding words

  • And
  • But

Fantastic mr fox- Tobias

The book is about a Fox and his family and three farmer theres name name is Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The farmers will kill Mr Fox for Mr Fox tear theres food and eat that. The main characktor is Mr Fox, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Boggis like eat chicken, Bunce like donuts and Bean like eat turkey and drink cider. The proplem is Mr fox tear that there haw to eat and the farmer will kill Mr fox. I think the book is realy good I like what the book is about