The Twits

The book is about ”The Twits” and they like to prank each other! The main character are Mr Twit and Mrs Twit. On every wednesday they do and eat bird pie. They paste the sticky glue on a tree. After that the birds sitting on the tree and the birds is fixed! The problems is that the monkeys must stand on the head for Mr and Mrs Twit every day. So the monkeys with help of the birds do revenge on Mr and Mrs Twit. They take sticky glue and paste all things uppside down so when Mr and Mrs Twit came home they been suprised. I think the book is weard because they do crazy things, for example, Mr and Mrs Twit eat bird pie and the birds and the monkeys paste all the thing on the ceiling.

The magic finger

The Magic finger are about one girl. She have one magic finger and if she use the magic finger on one person the person be one chiken or one frog. The girl are like one girl and she have on magic finger and she have blue pants and one red sheritand and black shots. And she mom have a deres and she name are Mis.Gregg and she are kike one normel mom and she have a dad and he have pantz and a shirt and hes name are Mr.Gregg and she have two brothes and thes name are filip and william and the have pants and shitrs. Th edad and filip and william are hounting and the mom are coking and the girl are on school. The one problem of the gregg family the ded and filip and william are hounting and the girl not like it and she pick she magic finger on the gregg family and they no have arms the have wings and the dock have arms and not wings and the ducks will hounting the gregg family. Im think the book are good and not såv fantastisk.

The magic finger – Leonie

The Book is about the Gregg family and the girl With the magic finger.  And the Girl dont like when her family shooting. So she with the magic finger conjures the Gregg family of ducks. When the girl in this story gets really angry, she zaps pepole with her magic finger. what happens to the Gregg they never be able to look at a duck in the same way ever again.  When the Gregg family became ducks so moved the ducks home to the Gregg famiy and the gregg Family moved to a tree.

The magic finger- Roald Hahl – Filopateer

The magic fingerauther Roald Hahl

The book is about a girl, Mr and Mrs Gregg and theirs two sons William and Philip and many ducks. The main characters are a girl who has a magic finger. She like to put her magic finger on the Gerggs family. The two brother William and Philip like to go and shoting on the ducks with Mr Gregg. Mrs Gregg like to do food in the kitchen.

They three Mr Gregg, William and Philip have shooting the Ducks and after day but  the gril on the ducks and Gregg family




Mr Gregg like to shoot the Ducks and after som day has Mr Greegg and all the family have a wings and the Ducks have a hand and the Ducks shooting on Mr Gregg and all the family.

I like this book because he lern peopoles att not shoot on the ducks.


The ducks like to shoot on Mr Gregg.

George’s marvellous medicine Roald dahl

The book George’s marvellous medicine is about a boy who is home with his grandma because his parents are somewhere else in the city. The main characters are George and his grandma. His grandma is very strange. She eats insects and other bugs. George is just a normal boy who hates his grandma. She is mean and very very strange. In this book George makes a medicine to hurt or do mean things to her. He is scared off her. So he wants her to disappear.  One problem is that grandma maybe can see him when he does the medicine. It scrambles a lot. I think this book is good but a bit discusting because grandma is so discusting and she eats bugs and worms. I havent  read any other Roald Dahl books I think. I think Roald Dahl whrite this kind of book becasue he wants kids all over the world to laugh. I think he wants to make everyone happy. I like Roald Dahl because i think he is funny and a good author

George’s Marvellous Medicine Marcus

George’s Marvellous Medicine

The book ”George’s Marvellous Medicine” is about a boy who has to stay home with his grandma cause his parents are away in the city. But there is a slight twist. His grandmother is an evil witch. Because She scared George so much he want her explodeded by making a marvellous medicine which is made by anything he could find in his house. Then he gave the medecine to grandma. First she started to fly in the air. Later she swelled up in to a ball. After a while she returned to normal, but not for long. She started growing and growing, taller and taller she got so tall that she went through the ceiling. After a while she asked for more medicine because she wanted to grow even taller. A few moments later she got more medicine but she didnt grow. Instead she started to get smaller and smaller. She got so small that she disappeared! If i wore George i would have told and brought my parents as soon as it happend. I think the book is quite hilarious but they overextend most of the things to the point where it isnt quit fun anymore. The main characters in the book is George and his grandma. I think grandma is so mean to George because she does’nt like kids. The book is written by Roaldh Dahl.

Av: Marcus