The Magic Finger – Freja

I am reading the book ”The magic finger” by author Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl with the magic finger. She has two friends with the name Philp and William. The girl go to the school and mrs Winter said ’Stand up, and spell cat.’ She said wrong and Mrs Winter said ’You are a stupid little girl.’ Then put she her magic finger to Mrs Winter. So she became a cat. In the afternoon she saw the Gregg family shoot the wild ducks. So then she put the magic finger to them for at them shoot the wild ducks. When Mr Gregg woke in the morning he was very small and have the duck wings. All in the Gregg family has that. Them flew out through window. Them  built one nest in the tree because to them must have somewhere to sleep. The next day Mrs Gregg viewed over the nestedge. Ther saw she four enorm ducks whid tree of them have the guns. Them promised at them never, never again would shoot ducks again and no other living creatures. Finally them would instead be them friends.

The Magic Finger Jonte

I’m reading the book ”The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl with a magic finger and she have tow friend. Philip and William is hers friends, Philip and William has a mother and father. They called Gregg ’s last name at the beginning of the book. Mr Gregg, Phillip and William like to hunt ducks. The girl with the magic finger put hers finger into hers teacher. The teacher get long black whiskers and a tail. Mr Gregg, Phillip and William shoot more ducks and the girl don’t like it. One day got the Gregg family wings and leave their house. Then the ducks took over their house. Few moments later builded the Gregg family a nest because they need something to slept in. After few days came the ducks into the nest with guns. The ducks said: You shot six of my children. The ducks don’t shot the Gregg family and the girl because Mr Gregg promised to take down all their guns. Finally the Gregg family of its wings and everything was back to normal.


Reading The Twits – Mauritz

A am reading the book The Twits and the auther of the book is Roald Dahl. The book is about two people who are pranking eachother all the time. The main characters in this book are Mr Twit and Mrs Twit. Mr Twit have a hairy face and long beard whit food in it and he loves to prank Mrs Twit. Mrs has long matted hair and she is smart and prank back Mr Twits one prank when they have pranking eatch other in this book are worms in spageti. frog in bed and eye in beer. In the start of the book are Mr and Mrs Twit always just pranking eatch other. And in the end of the book on the bird pay day he was put out glue on the dead old three ther the bird landing every time. But the monkys was trying to stop the bird but the bird dident understand what the monkys was skreaming to them. But one day so came it a african bird and the monkys was teling to the bird that Mr Twit have put glue on the dead old three and son when the birds came so was the african bird skreaming out to every birds that Mr Twit have put glue on the tree so the birds was landing on the






George´s Marvellous Medicine Luna 5A

Author: Roald Dahl

What is the book about:
It is about George making medicine to his ugly grandma.

Who are the main characters and what are the like:
The main character is George and hi have some mischief in his hed but over that hi is nice and help full.

What do they do:
 George is making his `marvellous medicine´ with ugly ingrediens.

Is there any problems:
Yes. It is grandma. Thats in the way.

The book is about a little boy and his name is George. And his grandma was using him as a slave for her. The she was treating him as her slave. Hi did need to take care of her. And hi wants to blow up his grandma. But is not going the way hi wants. His fadder finds out and wants more of Georges medicine. George wants his grandma to disappear because she liked to eat bugs. Grandma  finally disappeared and then they lived happy ever after.

George’s Marvellous Medicine Tomasine 5a

George’s Marvellous Medecine it’s written by Roald Dal.

The book it’s about a boy named George. George live in a house with his mother, father and grandma. The grandma is a nasty old womand and she is not so fresh because she eats buggs. Grandma is verry unpleasant to George and when the parents isnt home make George a marvellous medicine. He wants to blow her up. First he started with bathroom and took a lot of things from there. A short time after he go to his mother dressing-table and took sam other things. George went around and picked at things from the hole house. After one hours he go to grandma with the medecine. But Grandma dont blow up instead she start to growing. She grow so high that her head make a hole in the roof. When George parents come home became George dad so exited because George had also make a hen to grow verry big. Then the dad take the medicine and fed the other animals. But when it not have some medicine left they try to make more. But it never became right. So the last time grandma took it and then she disappeared.

The Magic Finger-Wille :-)

Im reading the book The Magic Finger”by the author Roald Dahl.

The book is about a girl with a magic finger and she has two friend like she put a spell at her friends and they got to ducks and theirs parents also got to ducks. And the real ducks spell to humans and the Egg family as to build a nest. And the day after so spell Egg family to normal and the Coopers shooting. Ducks when Mr Egg said i never shot any deer in my life.

I think the book was very booring and a littel bit fun.

The twits Ida 5A

The twits of Roald Dahl.

The book is about Mrs and Mr Twit. Mr Twit is very mean to Mrs Twit for example:               Mr Twit took wood pieces and put them on Mrs Twit walking stick and said to her that she has shrunk. Mrs Twit become very despondent and said to he that she can do anything to get longer. He took strings and ballons and was stuck the strings in the ground and the ballons up on her body so she stretching. And then Mr Twit cut the strings of so she fly up to the sky. Mr Twit has also added a frog in Mrs Twit bed so she screamed.

But Mr Twit is not only very mean to Mrs Twit, he is also very mean to kids, monkeys and birds. He hate kids. One time, he took hugtight and painting on the tree so the birds stuck in the glue and then, he took them and bake a bird pie of them. He love bird pie. Mr and Mrs twit has monkeys in a cage and are very mean to them. They give them food but they must eat upside down so it is very difficult.

Fantastic Mr Fox – Kasper

i am riding the bok Mr Fox by author Roald dahl

my bok is abut a fox family dat is trapt undergrund and fainds a huse ful af met and a hus vife sider . and be cus dy ar undergrund is dat tre farmers ubuv dem ar traying to kill dem. and dey find animals in de undergrund and day hav a party.

i did not like de bok it is verd for som resen i dont no y it si yust bad i dont rekamend it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

My blog entry is about the book Fantastic Mr. Fox by the author Roald Dahl.

This week the book is about the three farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. They are outside Mr. Foxs hole. The farmers are wating to him becus they will shoot Mr. Fox, so hi can ’t stole more turkey, a plump chicken, a duck or a goose from Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The family and Mr. Fox are inside the hole and they can ’t go out, if they don ’t want to die. The family are hungry, tired and scared but Mr. Fox has a plan.

The Twits Calle

The author of the book The Twits is Roald Dahl. The book is so far about mr Twit and mrs Twit pranking each other. Mr Twit and ms Twit are marrid. They do stuff like puting worms in spagetti and putting frogs in each others bed. Mr twit is very ugly. He has a big beard and it is food sticked into it. He is very mean and stupid. Mrs Twit is very ugly and mean. She likes to hit dogs,cats and small kids with her walking-stick. One of mrs Twits eyes is made of glass and it was always loking the other way. But after a while the book is starting to be about the muggle wump monkeys. One time a week Mr twit puts glue on a tree. When birds com and sitt down on the tree they get stuck. In the evening many birds are stuck into the tree. Mr twit takes them and makes a bird pay out of them. The monkeys wanat to help them but the birds and the monkeys don’t speak the same language Mr twits dream is perform in a cirkus because of that he trains his monkeys. He teaches them to stand on there head. The monkeys hate Mr and Mrs twit and they start with a plan to escape from them. They are loked in a cage but one day it comes a bird that speaks the laguage that the monkeys speak and the other birds language. He is called the Roly-Poly bird. He warns the birds to not sitt on the tree and then they all sitt on the monkeys cage insted. Mr twit gets angry and goes away to a gun shop to buy a gun. When Mr and Mrs twit are gone the birds help the monkeys to get out of the cage. The monkeys want to get revenge on Mr and Mrs twit. They come up with a plan. The birds and the monkeys put every thing in the house in the seling. When Mr and Mrs twit came home two birds flew over them and droped some very strong glue on their heads. When Mr and Mrs twit came inside the house they thought they were uppside down. They started to stand on there head and they were stuck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     So far this book is pretty good. It is very funny but nothing has happend except mr and mrs Twit pranking each other. But i belive it will happen something soon in the book.