The Twits – Lisa

The Twits by Roald Dahl

The book is about Mr Twit and Mrs Twit. Mr Twit has a hairy face and a long beard that he never wash, it’s food sticking out from the beard. Mrs Twit has an ugly face but when Mrs Twit was young, she had a nice face but when she thought ugly thoughts, the face become uglier and uglier. The both of them are mean, angry often and they hate children and animals. They like to prank each other and they don’t have a job because they are really old. First, in the beginning of the book, they prank eachother and did stupid pranks to eachother. For example worms in spaghetti, eyeballs in drinks, frogs in beds and more. In the middle in the book, some monkeys called muggle wump monkeys came to the Twits and wanted to save the birds that Mr Twit wanted to do bird pie of. Mr Twit smeared the big, dead tree with sticky glue and after a while when the birds had stuck in the glue, he taked them and did bird pie of them. The Roly-Poly bird flew around the tree and singed a song who warned them so all the birds landed on the monkeys cage. But when Mr Twit found out that, he smeared the cage with glue. After that did the birds landed on the roof to the house and when Mr Twit found out that, he was going to buy guns. When the Twits was gone to buy guns, the birds and the monkeys went in to the Twits house and put all the furnitures, lamps, carpets, all things in the house upside down to the ceiling with help of the glue. So when the Twits came home, they thougt that they were upside down, they got panic and stayed on their heads. After a long time had them collapsed and it was just a pile with clothes left. Before the monkeys and the bird came in to the book it was boring because nothing happened but when the birds and the monkeys came it started to be exciting and I won’t stop read.

The Twits Elias 5A

The book is about Mr Twit And Mrs Twit. Mr Twit had a long beard and is very ugly. When Mrs Twit was young she had a pretty face but when she were getting older she had ugly thoughts and because of that her face was getting uglier and uglier. They like to prank each other. Mrs Twit dont like animals,kids or anything, except being mean to everybody. Mr Twit dont like anything except pranking his wife. They dont have a job because they are old. They have one problem, they never stop pranking each other. In the half of the book it started being about the Muggle wump monkeys. Mr Twit having them in a cage and forcing them to to everything upside down. They dont like it and want revenge. On wednesdays The Twits eat bird pie supper.


The book is a little bit funny but the book is boring.

Author: Roald Dahl

George’s Marvellous Medicine Saga

I am reading a book of Roald dahl. The book’s name is George Marvellous Medicine. Its about George and he’s grandma. The grandma lives with george and his family. The grandma is really mean to george. One day George’s grandma tells george about what he should eat. She tell him to eat bugs and slugs. George think thats gross and don’t want to. So after a while George decides to create a medicine to her. So when he start to do the medicine he puts in some gross stuff. The main characters are George and grandma. George is a nice little guy. He has blonde hair and he’s kind of smal. He think his grandma is gross. Grandma has black teeth and black clothes. She looks like a witch. She is scary, mean, gross and discusting. All that grandma do is sit in her chair and be mean to george. George helps grandma and he does the medicine. At first it was kind of a problem. Grandma wanted george to start eat bugs. But now they don’t talk about it. Then when george had made the medecine he gave it to grandma. And she began to grow, and grow.
I think George was scared. Grandma had not been out in 20 years. Because she couId not. When she had grown higher then the roof George parents came home. George father, Mr Kranky thought George was a genius. Because if they could make the medecine they could sell it to other farmers and almost everyone could eat. So they tried but always they forgot something. They did 4 medecines. The forth medecine made a chicken get really smal. But the chicken only ate one spoon full. But grandma was jealous that she was not in the center of attention. So she took the medecine from George. And drank the hole thing. She began to get smaller and smaller and suddenly she was gone. They did not care that mush and they lived on with their lives. I don’t really like that book. But it was funny.

George’s Marvellous Medicine – Mio

The author of this book is Roald Dahl. It’s about George when he makes his marvellous medicine. He makes the medicine to feed it to his grandma becuase she is very mean and he is trying to make her nice. George and grandma are the main characters, George are nice and a little bit crazy. Granda is mean and very crazy. George are making his medicine and grandma is sitting on her chair all the time. The problem is that grandma are mean. That’s why George are making his medicine.

I don’t like this book so far because it’s not good and it’s very disgusting.