George’s marvellous medicine – Reading Roald Dahl-Gabriel

I was reading a book wrighten by Roald Dahl, it’s called George’s marvellous medicine.

George’s marvellous medicine is a book about a kid called George he’s blond and his grandma, she is very gross and mean to George. She’s eating slugs and other bugs, she have black teeth and black clothes. All his granny does is sitting in her chair and being mean to George. Meanwhile George makes medicine to her, so he makes a medicine that will cure her or if not, blow her up or something. It was made by bleach, paint, shampoo and many other stuff from the house. When George gave granny the medicine she started to hover over the floor and later she started to grow. She become so tall that she crushed trough the roof. Later Georges dad wanted to make a factory for Georges marvellous medicine to be rich. And when they were done with the second medicine they tested it on a chicken, it was another crazy effect. It started to fire sparks out of the beak. And it flied six feet over the ground and the legs started to be gigantic. And they made a third and a fourth, the fouth made things shrink, so they used it on George’s creepy granny. And she became smaller and smaller untill she dissapeared. George’s dad was happy because she was so tiny they couldn’t see her.


And that was the end of the book, I liked it, but I tought George’s granny was realy creepy and a bit weird when George made his ”marvellous medicine”.


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