The magic finger- Roald Hahl – Filopateer

The magic fingerauther Roald Hahl

The book is about a girl, Mr and Mrs Gregg and theirs two sons William and Philip and many ducks. The main characters are a girl who has a magic finger. She like to put her magic finger on the Gerggs family. The two brother William and Philip like to go and shoting on the ducks with Mr Gregg. Mrs Gregg like to do food in the kitchen.

They three Mr Gregg, William and Philip have shooting the Ducks and after day but  the gril on the ducks and Gregg family




Mr Gregg like to shoot the Ducks and after som day has Mr Greegg and all the family have a wings and the Ducks have a hand and the Ducks shooting on Mr Gregg and all the family.

I like this book because he lern peopoles att not shoot on the ducks.


The ducks like to shoot on Mr Gregg.

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  1. I agree with you Filo, the book really makes you think about being nice to animals.
    Why did the ducks shoot at The Gregg family?


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